Mayan Hope 
Centro de Educacion Especial


Mayan Hope aims to provide a warm, caring environment with highly trained teachers to educate the special needs children of the Nebaj area.

Near-term goals:
   *to maintain funding for the school's current operation which includes the school's rent, utilities, and daily lunch for the students.
   *to continue to supply funds for projects such as teacher training and school supplies/programs. The teachers' dreams are to implement the following projects:
              --music program for students
              --physical education and adaptive therapy program
              --teaching aids for developing independence in daily living
              --sewing workshops
              --art and carpentry workshops
              --cooking classes
              --computer program
     *to continue to work with Grupos de Mujeres y Hombres por la Paz to better develop the school garden and integrate sustainable farming and wild edibles programs with in the school and wider community.

Long-term goals:

     *To conduct a major fund drive to purchase the school building and ensure the education of the special needs children of Nebaj into the future.


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